The Nishimura Family 西村家

On Saturday night, I went to have a final dinner with the Nishimura family. I used to live next door to them in the inaka (countryside) outskirts of Nakatsu during the first year that I lived in Japan, before I moved to my current house in “downtown” Nakatsu. The two Nishimura children are named Akari and Yuu. We would hang out together once every week and play and I would teach them English and they would teach me Japanese. Mrs. Nishimura prepared a wonderful meal consisting of somen (thin cold noodles), sashimi, and Hamburg steak (a Japanese version of Salisbury steak). The girls made a chocolate cake. Yum! As a going-away present, they gave me a pair of geta (Japanese sandals) and a folding fan. Thanks so much! I hope we can stay in touch and meet again!





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2 responses to “The Nishimura Family 西村家

  1. Lee-Sean!

    So cool to see your comment on Adam’s KrebsCast. I had to come over and catch up on your blog. Glad you had a great time in Japan. Quite a few of my friends from college were over there and have come back. Some are now working for Japanese companies and such.

    Love your food pictures and explorations. World cuisine is always best. What degree did you finish Harvard with? Mind you my meager BA from UA in media arts is so jealous.

    I’d love to catch up sometime – if you’re ever in Tucson look me up!

  2. That steak looks really good as does everything else. What a fantastic sending off party. Those girls look like a lot of fun as well.

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