Sunday in Central Park

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to Central Park with 2 of my roommates, Yam and Tash yestersday to get to know each other better and to just hang out.



(Above) Posing on a rock with my roommate, Tash.

(Below) Me and my roommate Yam.



(Above) The John Lennon Memorial, located in a part of Central Park called Strawberry Fields.  It is also just across the street from the Dakota Building, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived and where John Lennon was assasinated.  Yoko Ono still maintains a residence there.



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2 responses to “Sunday in Central Park

  1. Congrats once more on th’ highly successful transplant! Looks like thangs is swangin’ right along. Yr roomskillets look hep — cigarette approved. Challah at me when you get a chance!

  2. hey Lee sean. Looks like you have done so much since leaving Japan. Good to see that you are keeping yourself busy and settling back into “normal” life. That was cool that you got to see chie to. im back teaching music in australia. Its as if i never left, just gotten back into the same routines etc…. Stay in touch.


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