Challenging Columbus Day

Next Monday is Columbus Day in the US, a day that perpetuates a hegemonic myth that justifies and even celebrates colonialism, imperialism and genocide.

To find out more about why we should protest the holiday: 


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One response to “Challenging Columbus Day

  1. I fear that you’ve strayed far from th’ fold on this one, yo. Failure to support Columbus Day is tantamount to consciously undermining the decades of progress in civil rights made by th’ staunch but harried Italo-Amerasian community since th’ dark days of th’ 50s, when just showing up on th’ street eating sopprasetta and humming “O Sole Mio” would practically guarantee assault by a snaggletoothed Anglo-Teutonic mob and a brisk firehose shower.

    Systematic extermination of indigenous peoples? What about th’ hundreds of shiny-headed young wops who, whenever they introduce themselves, have to endure th’ inevitable “Oh, so does your family have, like, Mafia connections and stuff?”

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