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I now have my own hosted website and domain name:

I will continue the blog at  and stop updating this site.

Why the move?

I want more flexibility to customize my blog.  I think WordPress is awesome, and my will continue to use it for my new site, but I want to take advantage of features and plugins that are only available on a self-hosted version of the software.  Plus, this will be a great chance for me to learn more about web design as I tinker and tweak the features on the new site.  Also, by hosting my own WordPress blog, I can also add a podcast or a videocast to the blog.  Stay tuned…

The new site also features randomized header graphics, so come back often to collect them all.  Or if you are really bored, keep on clicking the “refresh” button on your browser to reload the site for a random graphic each time.  Fun!

Also, the final reason is vanity, pure and simple.  I like the sound of  I want to be a first-name-only web celebrity/brand name.

The new site is still a work in progress, so bear with me while I tweak and tinker the tech and write some new content as well.


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a bit of history


I found out the other day that my building, in NYC on Broadway between Franklin and Leonard, is a historical landmark. It housed one of the portrait studios of Matthew Brady, a famous American Civil War-era photographer, from 1853-1860, which means that the building itself must be at least 150 years old.

A self portrait of Matthew Brady circa 1875:


An etching of what the interior of my building looked like during Brady’s day:

Some more links about Brady and 359 Broadway:

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2 self-portraits

Here are two self-portraits that I took of myself posing in front of my roommate Tasha’s painting, which hangs in the living room of our loft:



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Fun with Photo Booth


A moment of vanity at work today. Brought to you by the built-in camera and Photo Booth software on my new MacBook.

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Celebrity sighting!

I saw Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame on Sunday night while I was grocery shopping at the Gourmet Garage in SoHo.   He was shopping for meat and salad dressings with his girlfriend, Pamela Racine.


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Loft Living

Some snapshots of my habitat:




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Good Magazine launch party

Last night I attend the launch party for Good Magazine in an amazing multi-disciplinary art and media space called Emergency Arts in Chelsea. The magazine is all about making social and political engagement cool and interesting. Definitely worth checking out!

The party was full of hipsters, Ivy Leaguers, and beautiful people. There was an exclusive RSVP guest list, a long line to get in and a VIP area. I felt like I was on the set of Sex and the City. I even ran into a girl I went to high school with in Arizona – how random is that?! Al Gore was there too. He’s shorter and huskier in real life than on TV. I guess that is the case of most famous people.

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